Join Cheshire Scout Network

Young adults aged between 18 and 25 are eligible to register as Scout Network members, subject to a satisfactory criminal records check. 

Step 1

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Simply complete our joining form, completing as much information as you can.

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Step 2

To be a member of Scout Network you must also have a criminal records check, to get a CRB you simply need to complete an Occasional Help Form and return it to the County Admin

Step 3

To join any section of Scouting you are liable to pay a capitaion fee, this fee covers your insurance and subscription to Scouting Magazine. If you are a Leader at a group you will pay that fee via your group. If however you are not a leader at a group you are required to pay the fess yourself. The fee for 2012 is just £30

But don't worry about this just yet! The Scout Network Admin will discuss this with you once your CRB has cleared.

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