Executive committee

The County Executive Committee exists to support the County Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of the appointment and to provide support for Scout Districts and the Scout Network in the County. Members of the County Executive are Trustees of Cheshire Scouts.

Cheshire County Scout Council Constitution – June 2018

Sub Committees

The County Executive delegates certain powers to 4 sub-committees:

  • A – Search & Appointments
  • C – Campsites & Activity Centres
  • F – Finance
  • Y – Youth Forum
Name Title Appointed/Nominated
Peter Mather TD Chair (CC Nominated) C,F – 1990-present
Edward Appleton FCA Treasurer (Elected) C,F – 1998-present
Sue Appleton Secretary (Elected) F – 2007-present
Graham Phillips DL County Commissioner (Ex-officio) C,F – 2010-present
Ed Lunnon Youth Commissioner (Ex-officio) Y- 2015-present
Dave Hopley Deputy CC (Co-opted 2018) Y- Elected Council Rep. 2017-20
Val Thomason Deputy CC (Co-opted 2018) F- Elected Council Rep. 2017-20
Philip Cox Campsites Chair (Elected, term 2) C – 2017-19
Simon Appleton ACC Scouts (Elected, term 2) – 2018-20
John Duley ACC Development (Elected) 2018-present
Dave Metcalfe CAC Manager (Elected) C- 2018-present
Michael Shiels External Member (CC Nominated) 2018
Janet Williamson Notetaker (Co-opted) 2018
Sean Hooper Nominated Youth Rep (Invited) 2018-21
Alex Dodd Nominated Youth Rep (Invited) 2018-21
Nisbah Hussain Regional Commissioner (Invited)
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