Bell Boating Permit Weekend

Between: 8th June 2024 - 9th June 2024 Location: Tatton Park Scout Campsite

We are training Cheshire leaders in the use of Bell Boats. The aim is to have more permitted leaders who can take youngsters out.  We realise that with COVID and the lack of access to the Bells at Tatton many leaders require permits.  This weekend is an attempt to put this right. By the end of the weekend you should have your Leadership type permit for B1 waters where you are on the craft.

We will cover The Scout Assessment Checklist:

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June 2024 – Leaders need to attend both days
09:30 – 15:30 approx – We may need to be slightly flexible here due to numbers of leaders who express an interest and the number of Bell Boats.

This course is open to:

  • Members of the Scout Association.
  • Over 18s only.
  • Those who want training and assessment in Bell Boats for a new permit.

There is no planned further assessments this year.  If you cannot make both days then you need to look out for training in 2025 on the Cheshire Scout Website.

There is no cost for this event. All expenses are being met by the county under the condition that leaders use their permit with youngsters as soon as possible.

The course does not include accommodation, drinks, food for lunch or activity clothing. See the kit list. Some gear can be provided by arrangement…but you need to ask Pete well in advance.

All questions to Pete please:

Plan for the Sessions

The schedule will be something like this:

Meet at Tatton outside the powerboat shed at the start time

  • Introductions and talk about the aim of the day
  • Paperwork and in particular risk assessments
  • The leaders in turn will take charge of the different tasks of a Bell Boating session where the rest of us act as Explorer Scouts (maybe!!!)
  • Talk about the pre activity elements you should have covered before a scout session
  • Unloading and building Bell Boats
  • Equipment in/on the bell boat
  • Warm up techniques, stretching exercises
  • Throw line types and use of
  • Launching and loading
  • Paddling techniques
  • Control
  • Activities while on the water – not just paddling!
  • Getting off the water
  • Putting the Bells away
  • There will be beach breaks for lunch and drinks – so bring butties and a flask
  • Return, reviews, feedback and closure

Before the Weekend

  • We need to see a risk assessment for running a two hour Bell Boat session at Tatton for a group that you are most likely to paddle with,
  • a programme or list of activities you could do on the water with that group,
  • an application for a renewed permit and a log of your paddling experience.


Hopefully you all know about the Scout’s Policy, Organisation & Rules for Bell Boating? If not then have a read before the session.

This is a link to the Scouting National Directory of Waters

Kit List

This is not a definitive kit list but really the key things to think about.

On the water essentials
Lifejacket or buoyancy aid must be well-fitting and well maintained.

These are provided.

Windproof jacket / Cagoule You, as leader, must not get cold at any time and these can always be kept in a drybag/rucksack until needed, don’t leave shore without it!!
Insulating layer / base layer If paddling in summer (avoid cotton t-shirts)
Wetsuit or dry suit depending on the time of year a wetsuit long john or full suit can be great – note that we do man overboard and recovery…it may be you!
Footwear trainers, wet shoes anything that helps you walk across rough banks, tree roots, beaches, glass shards…NO WELLIES, CLOGS, CROCS or FLIP-FLOPS!
Safety bag / dry bag with a method of securing it to your craft
Watch or any reliable method of telling the time,… a banksman?
Sun cream/lip protection Even a cloudy day can get my nose!
Sun hat And my head!
Throwing line? Discuss!
Knife? Discuss!
Bailer/sponge especially useful in an open vessel
On the bank essentials For in an emergency
Shelter Provided
First Aid Kit Provided – but bring your own…
Bottle(s) of water Provided for first aid reasons only…
Klaxon Provided

Tatton Park Scout Campsite

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Between: 8th June 2024 - 9th June 2024 Location: Tatton Park Scout Campsite
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