The next steps for growing our movement

The next steps for growing our movement

The next steps for growing our movement

By developing and moving forwards, we’ll keep having a remarkable impact on the lives of young people and the communities they live in.

At Summit17, volunteers created a plan to grow our movement. That plan became our Skills for Life strategy. We’ve made great progress, with our new brand, new website, more youth shaped Scouting, greater community impact, and the launch of Squirrels.

Our next step is to make volunteering with Scouts easier, and more rewarding.

We’ve been inspired by your reflections, and the changes you want to see. 1,500 volunteers are involved in improving the volunteer experience in Scouts, by:

  • Creating a warmer welcome for new volunteers, with flexible, personalised ways to get involved
  • Simplifying volunteering, by changing roles and team structures
  • Making learning valuable, focused, and convenient, and considering where the Wood Badge will become optional and open to all
  • Developing a new digital experience to reduce admin for everyday things, like managing member data

You’ll have better support, and more flexibility in your role. These changes will start taking place locally from early 2023, and beyond.

Everyone can help recruit volunteers and keep them on board, so you have more time to do what you enjoy.

The essence of what we do in Scouts will stay the same. We’ll stay true to our purpose and values: delivering great programmes for even more young people, to help them gain skills for life.

You’ll mainly hear about the changes locally.  The county are establishing a team who will support the roll out of the changes and the communications programme and be available to talk/support Districts and Groups that have specific issues or concerns.

Here’s the broad sequence, but the timeline could change.

  • Autumn 2022 – More details about the impact and support for your role
  • November 2022 – Demos of the new digital experience for all members
  • Early 2023 – 10 Counties/Areas/Regions trying things out first
  • Mid 2023 – Everyone else will begin seeing changes to recruitment, learning, and volunteering
  • Summer 2023 onwards – Training and support continues, and we’ll keep refining based on your feedback

If you have any questions, ideas or feedback to share with Team Cheshire, you can contact us below;

Transformation Feedback

For any questions, ideas or feedback to share with Team Cheshire

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls