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Explorer Scouts

Do more. Share more. Be more.

We are proud to be the fourth section of the Scout family, open to young people aged 14 until they turn 18. Cheshire currently hosts over 1,000 Explorer Scouts in over 45 units in Cheshire who have gained some incredible life-shaping experiences through scouting. By following an inclusive and youth-led programme, Explorers are encouraged to challenge themselves to do their best whilst at the same time feeling able to be themselves through an exciting time of their lives.

I am delighted to share some exciting news, vital links and new resources with you here. Enjoy discovering the useful information and links on this page and get involved with as much as you can. If you would like to get in touch with Cheshire Scouts, use the ‘Meet The Team’ button below to engage directly with us or your local Explorer Scouts Team.

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Graham Proctor
Assistant County Commissioner (Explorer Scouts)
Cheshire, UK

The Great Indoors Weekender

#TGIWeekender 11-12 July

From graduations to trips with friends, young people have missed out on all kinds of things this year. We think they deserve something really special – something for Scouts and non-Scouts, all around the globe – so we’re holding (cue big, boomy voice) The Great Indoors Weekender! Join the UK’s biggest digital summer camp from your living room (or garden, anywhere at home – it’s up to you) on 11–12 July. With surprise celebrity guests, cooking, crafts, music and more, young people (6+) will get the chance to have fun while learning skills like giving stuff a go, thinking for themselves, and playing their part.

10pm Sunrise Weekender
11th July

Overnight and into the morning, the Gilwell 24 team will bring you activities, a quiz, a murder mystery and taskmaster challenges, all alongside a live radio stream so you can enjoy tunes and conversations on the airwaves. We’ll also have a brand new online escape room for you to try. Attempt the 24 hour challenge and watch the sun come up with us – you won’t forget it.

Click here to view the camp programme.

LIVE Webinar – Friday 5th June

Pride in our values.

On Friday 5th June, we delivered a LIVE webinar to Explorers, leaders and commissioners. We shared a lot of information regarding Explorer scouting at home, top award work, Duke of Edinburgh award work, we set a vision of inclusivity and gave a nine point plan for the future. We have kept a copy of the webinar recording.

Click here to view the webinar slide deck.


Engage and discover.

Check out episode 12 in our #StayAtHomeTV series brought to you by Cheshire Explorer Scouts. You can get involved in scouting activities from the comfort of your own home during the coronavirus lockdown.

Click here to watch all the episodes in the series.

Explorer Belt Expedition 2021

Join the adventure.

For the first time ever, Cheshire Scouts have launched a county-led Explorer Belt Expedition to Iceland to take place in 2021.

Explorer Scouts are being given the opportunity to travel for 10 days to discover Iceland’s cultural heritage, its environment protection aims, interact with local people and sample delicacies and attractions of the country whilst completing eleven important projects.

Sign-up to the expedition is now closed as of Sunday 7th June at 9pm.

Find out more about our Explorer Belt Expedition and for regular updates.

Explorer Scouting at Home


There are countless things that you can be doing at home to stay busy but with so many other pressures right now, we know that Explorers may be feeling overwhelmed. However, if you look through these special lockdown activities designed specifically for Cheshire’s Explorer Scouts, you’ll be amazed at how much you will be able to achieve.

Resources for Units & Leaders

Start small but think big.

We have 45 Explorer units in Cheshire who meet weekly to run exciting activities & give Explorers challenges and adventures to prepare them with useful skills for the rest of their lives. Whether it is building an AI robot, going on expedition or ice-skating at Christmas, Explorer Scouts are encouraged to write their programme themselves! If you are an Explorer Scout or leader, find out more to access the valuable Scout resource centre.

Explorer Scout Awards

Think big and reach the top.

As an Explorer Scout, you are encouraged to achieve a number of awards. These are designed to enhance your scouting experience but also look great on a CV or personal statement when applying for studies or work. They are also a great way to gain skills that will be useful through the rest of your adult life such as gaining a sense of responsibility, increased confidence, teamwork and resilience. Find out more to see what top awards can do for you. For specialist advice, you can speak to Carol Frain, Cheshire’s Awards Advisor:

Cheshire Young Leaders

Young Leaders of the future.

Have you had a great time in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and would you like to continue your Scouting Journey? Well then you can join our Explorer Scout Young Leader’s Scheme! Our multi-talented Young Leader Explorer Scouts can enjoy the opportunity to help lead our younger sections including Beaver colonies and Cub packs and Scout troops in their weekly meetings whilst developing your leadership skills. You will follow the Young Leader training scheme completing Modules and Missions and then obtain the Young Leader Explorer Belt Buckle. For specialist advice, you can speak to Graham Proctor, Assistant County Commissioner (Explorer Scouts):

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Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
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