Explorer Scouting at Home

Stuck for ideas?

Try over 400 activity ideas for indoor and outdoor circumstances!

See over 40 online-based activities and games, compiled by Warrington West’s District Youth Commissioner, Adam Potts. You can use these activities for your online Unit meetings, your Young Leader work or with your family/friends at home for fun!

Resource for activity 10
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Catchprase (PowerPoint)

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Resource for activity 11
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Superheroes (PowerPoint)

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Resource for activity 31
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Map Symbol Bingo

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Try to complete as many of these challenges as you can! Some may take longer than a day, so you can work on these as small projects. The idea is for you to hone some practical skills which will be useful in your life now, your career and your adult life.

Check out the 30 activities below. Some are really easy, but some you might never have done before. Have a go at completing them then upload evidence of you carrying out each one on social media, email or using the submission form on the Explorer Scouts page. Remember to use #LockdownLifeSkills when posting. Unit leaders may use these ideas for their online meetings. Please ensure you have assessed the associated risks before attempting the tasks and always give a safety briefing, if necessary, when using these online.

Some activities carry elements of risk. Please be careful at all times. Do not attempt a task until you are convinced you are safe. Remember to ask for help if you are not sure how to carry out the task. You should research how to attempt each challenge safely before you begin.

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#LockdownLifeSkills Challenge List

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Easy #1 Boil an egg
Easy #2 Vacuum a room/several rooms in your house
Easy #3 Change a set of bedding
Easy #4 Make a cup of tea, coffee or other hot drink
Easy #5 Trim and display a bouquet of flowers
Easy #6 Wash dishes and cutlery after a meal
Easy #7 Clean a pair of shoes by hand
Easy #8 Change batteries of an electronic device
Easy #9 Dry and fold clothes after washing them
Easy #10 Dust and clean surfaces in a room
Moderate #11 Wash a set of clothes
Moderate #12 Iron a set of clothes
Moderate #13 Change a lightbulb
Moderate #14 Plant a bulb in a pot or garden
Moderate #15 Create a schedule for your day or weekend
Moderate #16 Create and work with a budget
Moderate #17 Professionally compose and send an email
Moderate #18 Carry out an act of self-care every day for a week
Moderate #19 Sew on a badge to your uniform
Moderate #20 Write a speech and film it
Challenging #21 Carry out an act of self-care every day for a month
Challenging #22 Cut the grass in your garden
Challenging #23 Cook a three course meal
Challenging #24 Put air into a car tyre
Challenging #25 Learn to dance, sing, tell jokes or create magic tricks
Challenging #26 Fix a bicycle puncture
Challenging #27 Write a personal statement and/or CV
Challenging #28 Carry out a DIY project safely at home
Challenging #29 Learn a foreign language, BSL or Makaton
Challenging #30 Grow a fruit or vegetable



Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls