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Cheshire Scouts Newsletter – 26 July 2020

Date: 26th Jul 2020 Author: Dave Hopley

Cheshire Scouts Newsletter
– 26 July 2020

County all Leaders Call – Tuesday 28 July at 7pm
Just before many groups take a well-earned break over the summer months this call will provide a review of the last few months and discussion on the plans for a return to face to face Scouting. It will also look at some of the significant changes to the adult training scheme and the revised authorisation of activities from September onwards. This event is open to all Leaders and adult supporters in Cheshire.

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Cheshire Scout’s Got Talent 2020 entries are now OPEN to all members of Cheshire Scouts of any age, with any talent. So whether you’re a singer, magician, comedian, acrobat or animal act – all you need is some star quality to impress the judges. The best acts will be featured as part of a YouTube series of Cheshire’s Got Talent videos in September. Click Here to Enter.

More support for Young Leaders in Cheshire

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Diane Blurton (South West Cheshire – left) and Emma Williams (Macclesfield & Congleton – right) as County Explorer Leaders (Young Leaders). Diane and Emma will work together to support delivery of the Explorer Young Leader provision across the County. Their remit will include working closely with the ACC Explorers, consult with DC’s, DESC’s and local Young Leader, Leaders with the aim of sharing best practice to boost the effectiveness, connectivity and ultimately the experience of Young Leaders in Cheshire. Short term the objective is to support Districts in the provision of effective Young Leader training in all Districts, medium term the objective is to increase the number of Young Leader belts awarded by at least 100% over the next three years and ultimately to retain more young people at 18 in Scouting.

Eagle Scout Walks on the Moon

Fifty years ago last Monday (20th July 1969) the lunar module “Eagle” having departed from the command module “Columbia” itself some sixty miles in orbit above the Moon, landed upon the surface of the Moon at a place known as Mare Tranquillitaties (Sea of Tranquillity). Astronaut Neil Armstrong, Commander of the Mission spoke those immortal words “Houston, Tranquillity Base here the Eagle has landed”.
Some hours later in the early hours of the 21st of July 1969 Neil Armstrong, a former American Eagle Scout and as a member of the NASA Apollo 11 Mission, became the first human being ever to set foot on the Moon, in doing so he spoke the words that were witnessed and remembered by millions across the world, who looked on and listened, namely: “That is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.
Among the items that Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin carried to the Moon was a World Scout Badge, this was in tribute to all that Scouting had given to them both in their lives, as well as to countless millions of young people, who were Scouts throughout the world by then and since.

By the time that the NASA Apollo (Moon Landing) Mission programme concluded in 1972, of the twelve Astronauts who had walked on the Moon, as members of those missions, eleven of them were Scouts. 

World Scout Jamboree 2019

This time last year the Cheshire contingent to the World Scout Jamboree were in America having spent time in New York and now at the Jamboree site itself. They still had Washington and Canada to visit. While they were at the Jamboree a couple of Cheshire Scouts actually got to meet an astronaut.

You can hear what some of the contingent members thought about their experience and it is truly amazing by watching their video.

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Planning in the UK for the 25th World Scout Jamboree, which takes place in South Korea in 2023 is about to start

UK Contingent Management and Support team (CMST) Opportunities webinar
For those interested in a volunteer planning role on the Contingent Management Team or Contingent Support Team, there is a webinar on 29 July at 7pm. You can sign up here.

Recruiting a UK Contingent Leader
If you fancy the BIG JOB you can apply on the vacancy page vacancy on The Scouts website. The closing date for applications is 1pm on Monday 17 August.

Cheshire contingent
During early 2021 Cheshire will be looking to recruit its unit leaders to lead the Cheshire units that will be attending the WSJ. Applications for participants to join the Cheshire units will open towards the end of 2021.

Embers Festival

This was a virtual campfire held recently organised and hosted by 3rd Macclesfield. The event attracted Scouts from America, Canada, Jersey,
Kenya, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, Spain, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and of course England. The group has sold over 3,000 of the campfire badges and the feedback from around the world has been tremendous. Well done to all those involved in designing, organising and delivering a great “lock down” activity.

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Returning to face to face Scouting

To help Leaders write risk assessments in preparation for face to face Scouting HQ has produced a short video to explain the thought process behind writing your risk assessment. Along with other guidance the link for the video can be found here.

Once you have written your risk assessment it needs to be submitted using the national process by following this link.

You can find some other practical advice on the Cheshire Scouts website at:
You need to be patient when you submit a risk assessment because District Commissioners are working hard to support their Leaders through this process. Therefore speed is not the first priority, getting this process right is more important, which is why your risk assessment might be returned for further clarification.

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Finally… We thought you’d like to see how much Scouting has helped one little boy during lockdown. Never forget, you are changing lives! Thank You 🙂

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls