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Cheshire Scouts Newsletter – 9 August 2020

Date: 9th Aug 2020 Author: Dave Hopley

Cheshire Scouts Newsletter –
9 August 2020

Cheshire Scouts Virtual Camp – 26/27 September
It is likely that in September Scouting provision will be a “blended model” of some face to face activities with further online meetings to keep young people actively involved in Scouting. To support online Scouting there will be a Cheshire Virtual Camp over the weekend of 26th & 27th September. More details will be released in a couple of weeks so watch out for details of the weekend and information on how you can become involved.

Cheshire Scout’s Got Talent 2020

Entries are now OPEN to all members of Cheshire Scouts of any age, with any talent. So whether you’re a singer, magician, comedian, acrobat or animal act – all you need is some star quality to impress the judges. The best acts will be featured as part of a YouTube series of Cheshire’s Got Talent videos in September. .

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Getting Back to Face to Face Scouting

Congratulations to those who have navigated their way through the approval process to run some activities. To support and inspire others we are delighted to share some best practice ideas from those who have been successful in gaining approval to organise some face to face Scouting.

This link takes you to full days programme idea with all the documentation from 1st Great Sutton
This link takes to another programme for Scouts from 2nd Bollington
This link takes you to some really good parts of the risk assessment that we hope provide some inspiration on how you can safely try some face to face activities.

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Scouting for less than the price of a coffee

Our national organisation has been significantly affected financially by Covid-19 and drastic action has already been taken and further action to reduce costs are underway. However there is a need to collect capitation fees next year and to increase them to protect vital services. Therefore Nationally the Board decided to increase the UK national membership fee for 2021-22 by £7.50, with £1.50 ring-fenced for hardship funding for Groups who can’t access funding.

In Cheshire to help Groups the County Executive have already announced that the County portion of the capitation fee will be reduced by 50% on this years fee meaning that next year (March 2021) it will only be £4.25 per person.
Local Districts and Groups will announce their local capitation fee over the coming weeks and Groups are urged to discuss with their Group Executive how as a team you can work together to retain as many members as possible and make provision for the payment of capitation fees next year.

In summary the national capitation fee will be £36 (this includes a 50p discount for early payment) plus £4.25 County levy (this includes the 50% discount already announced) meaning the total National and County levy payable in 2021 will be £40.25. Your District/Group will announce their levy in the coming weeks.
To put this in context the average amount paid by members in Cheshire including the National, County, District and Group annual levy is about £120 per young person which is £2.31 a week. This is Scouting for less that a large cup of Costa or Starbucks Americano (coffee!). Now that really is value for money.


There has been discussion about moving the annual census to October to help with preparing budgets for the next year at national and local level. Therefore, it has been decided that we undertake a normal Census on 31 January 2021, and then for all future Censuses, we would move to undertaking our census in the autumn (for the following year).

Scouting Magazine

August’s issue of Scouting magazine will be the last ever issue, and it will be delivered digitally (by email) to members. While it’s the end of an era, our society is rapidly changing, demanding quicker responses, more sustainable choices and flexibility in the way we communicate.

Gilwell Reunion 2020

This will be held over the weekend of 5th & 6th September as a virtual event that you need to register (this requires your membership number). Just follow this link;

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Dates for your diary

National meetings online are planned for the following dates;

Chamboree 2022

With two years to go until Chamboree 2022, we’re delighted to share with you Adam Westwood from Warrington East Scout Network’s winning design, which has been transformed into the official 2022 badge and logo by our design team.
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