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Cheshire Scouts Newsletter – March 2020 Ed.3

Date: 15th Mar 2020 Author: Dave Hopley

Cheshire Scouts Newsletter

Message from Graham Phillips, County Commissioner re Coronavirus and Covid-19

Firstly I want to thank all our volunteers for the responsible way they are dealing with the current situation, which by all accounts is going to become more challenging over the coming weeks. Thank you for all you continue to do for Scouting locally.

Cheshire Scouts will always follow the latest UK Government and UK Scouts advice, as our primary point of reference. We need to continue to respond to the developing situation in a calm, measured and appropriate way.

The County Trustees are looking at the financial risks associated the current and developing situation.

Should the UK Government or UK Scouts issue clear guidance on restricting ‘gatherings’, our position will align with this guidance.

District and Group-led activities:
Our aim should be to continue to ensure that young people and adults stay safe; yet continue to benefit from our provision. Wherever possible we need to continue to deliver local Group Scouting so that young people feel less isolated.

Districts and Groups must monitor UK Government / UK Scouts guidance and local circumstances. Districts and Groups need to engage their Trustees in decision-making relating to financial risk.

Before taking any decisions to suspend Scouting locally Groups are advised to contact their DC (District Commissioner) for support and guidance.

Cheshire County Events
By their very nature these tend to involve larger numbers and involve larger amounts of financial risk. This is the current situation;

  • Cheshire Hike postponed due to weather conditions to 10/11 October 2020
  • County Dinner postponed to 8 November 2020
  • CuBe moved to May 2021 (It has not been cancelled it has simply been rescheduled, see below for more information.)
  • Cub Handicraft Competition postponed to 26th September 2020
  • Beaver Challenge to be postponed to Oct/November 2021
  • Explorer Belt Information Evening (23 March) under review
  • ADC’s Forum (1 Jun) cancelled
  • County AGM (9 Jun) under review
  • County Scout Sunday (14 Jun) under review
  • Royal Cheshire Show (16/17 June) currently going ahead

While we appreciate the disappointment caused by moving dates and having to cancel some events the safety of our members remains our top priority.

County Training Courses
For the time being we will continue to deliver the schedule of training courses for as long as practical. This will be kept under review and are subject to the agreement of our trainers to deliver the courses in theses challenging circumstances (please remember that like you they are volunteers).

The Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage is frequently updated as things develop, and our members should check it regularly (

Other Useful Links

UK Government Advice
UK Government Travel Advice
NHS Advice
Unity Insurance Services Advice

What can we do to help?
Scouting is embedded into our local communities and you will have heard me say many times that we are the largest voluntary movement for young people in Cheshire. Now is the time to step up and support our local communities. Here are some thoughts;

  1. Every section should be running activities to show young people the simple precautions they can take to help the current situation like hand washing techniques.
  2. Scouts & Explorers could run evenings showing how to work out what is potential fake news and what is reliable news
  3. Can you find ways to support people in your very local community such as shopping, collecting medicine etc. These are things we can do without putting ourselves at additional risk by undertaking the task and delivering to the house without actually going inside.
  4. If know people who are potentially isolated make contact with them on a regular basis, maybe jut pick up a phone have a regular conversation
  5. Are there ways we can support each other, social media could be a lifeline for those with access to it.

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Additional Information re CuBe 2020

The County Executive has considered the situation in relation to Coronavirus and the threat it posed to CuBe 2020. The discussions focused on;
  1. Feedback from District Commissioners, who almost universally felt the event should be rescheduled
  2. Feedback from Group Leaders, who had registered on the CuBe booking site. The majority felt the threat posed by parents withdrawing children from the event meant it should be rescheduled. The majority of those wanting it re-scheduled felt it should be held in May next year (2021).
  3. The County Finance sub committee, whose view was that the financial exposure to the County of continuing planning in the hope it could take place was significant.

Therefore a decision has been made to postpone CuBe to May 2021 subject to negotiations with the landowner and key suppliers. Once we are in a position to confirm the date for 2021 we will communicate it.

Some FAQ’s
What will happen to those Beavers & Cubs already registered on the booking system?
The details will be held on the system so you don’t have to re-input next year. However your Group Leader retains the ability to cancel any or all bookings. Nearer the time we will explain the process to revalidate bookings.
What will happen to staff already registered on the booking system?
The details will be held on the system so you don’t have to re-input next year. However if you wish to be removed email Nearer the time we will explain the process to revalidate bookings.
What about Cubs who are booked onto CuBe but will now miss this opportunity because they will have moved into Scouts?
We will consult on this matter to consider how they might be accommodated but to be clear CuBe essentially remains an event for Beavers & Cubs.
Will CuBe 2021 have the same range of activities as promised for this year?
If you move it to the May Bank Holiday in 2021 will it become a Fri – Mon event?
This is under consideration but will be partly determined by the availability of the site.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls