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Cheshire Scouts Newsletter – 2 May 2020

Date: 2nd May 2020 Author: Dave Hopley

Cheshire Scouts Newsletter
– 2 May 2020

CuBe is alive & kicking! #VirtualCuBe2020
Well we hope everybody had a comfortable night, particularly if you were camping outside (don’t forget to send your pictures in).
What a fantastic opening ceremony we broadcast last night at 7pm and thank you for the great comments.
To those Leaders who joined the quiz – thank you for your participation.

You can watch the Opening Ceremony again here.

It’s Saturday 2nd May
The day kicks off at 9am with ChamboreeX team leading the “Wake up and shake Up”. We have seen the rehearsals so this is not to be missed.

Watch on YouTube, Facebook and InstagramTV

10am is the start of our Toga Party and we just know there will be some very amusing pictures coming our way – can’t wait to see them. There are also lot’s of activities to complete this morning so make sure you check the full programme for details. At 2pm we invite you to GET ACTIVE with our Olympic themed activities taking us to the Virtual Campfire at 7pm

After a good nights sleep we will be ready to start all over again at 9am on Sunday with another “Wake up and Shake Up”.

To see the full programme for the weekend, see

You can follow all the action on our social media channels;

There will be another Cheshire Scouting+ on Sunday, published online at 8am.Discover More

Please use the hashtag #VirtualCuBe2020

North West Region ShelterBox Scavenger Hunt

Best of luck to all those from Cheshire taking part in the annual Shelter Box Challenge in Liverpool. Yes its gone virtual but the fun will be the same and the need to promote shelter box has never been greater. We look forward to the pictures from the weekend.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls